Clutch Replacement

With the passing of time, the friction material on the clutch starts to wear out and when this event occurs, the clutch will start slipping. The car clutch slipping will be quite obvious as it will be slipping when it shouldn’t, at all. Unexpected increase in the engine’s rpm can always identify the slip. The slip will always be identifiable when you attempting to power up during the climb to a steep hill. This problem comes really slow, clutch degradation is not easily achieved. But the problem can occur slowly also not ignoring the driving conditions.  

The driver’s style matters a lot too. City traffic is different from highways. Driving in a city imply the use of clutch more than the motorway drive so the car driven on short routes are more prone to degradation than the cars driven on long routes. When cars are slipping in this manner, they need to be replaced. There are a lot of other problems that give rise for clutch to be changed. Sometimes, the clutch can stick instead of slipping. If the clutch is sticking, this can cause grinding, which is an issue beyond measures. Grinding can cause the complete prevention of gearing and that can be really annoying and requires a handsome amount of time to solve. Maladjustments in the leakage can also lead to sticking of the clutch. 

If any of these experiences occur, the issue needs to be resolved. Its pretty common for a clutch to get replaced before the car is going to reach its lifespan. We can never predict after how much time the clutch will start to stick or to slip. Its like firing in the air. There are some cars which can go beyond 100,000 miles and still have there clutches intact and there are some which need clutch kit replacement after a little while say 30,000 kilometers. Toyota 86 performance clutch needs to be replaced after 75,000 miles whereas Toyota Hilux HD clutch needs replacement after 60,000 miles, well this a case of a cat and a mouse because one is sedan and one is a SUV. SUVs don’t require that much maintenance because of their strong build. But when off-roading, one needs to take these things into account. 

Less work on a clutch will result in the less work that is required after. Race car drivers use clutch a lot more than normal drivers. There are also truck drivers which move heavy machinery over mountain ranges where gravity really alters their driving style, so it puts tons of pressure on the transmission. SUVs which imply the use of automatic transmission are not preferred in off-roading. Manual transmission SUVs which are entirely built for off-roading are much expensive and don’t require much maintenance.  

There clutches are prone to slipping and sticking because of high built quality. Toyota Land Cruise off road clutch needs to be replaced after 100,000 miles. Toyota Hilux HD clutch on the other hand is replaced much sooner if off-road is taken into account. Subaru BRZ performance clutch kit falls in between but when looking at off-roading conditions, it sometimes best to get it replaced before 50,000 miles.  For more information, please log on to