Month: August 2016

3 Things To Do To Find A Car Storage

Published / by Marcus Curtin

Your duty does not end with buying a car. Now the one of the most main issues come, and that is where and how will you keep the car safe.

Of course, you need a place where you can store the car safely. But before taking such a place you need to research about that place and find out if it is at all safe. Ask people around the locality and of course negotiate with the price. Check out the Sydney car parking area and see if it is suitable for your car or not.

Here we are providing you some tips that may help you find a good storage for your car.

1. Trustworthy and safe- No matter you want a parking place for a long time or want it temporarily, but it must be a place where you know your car will be safe. Trust is the first and most important thing. When you are looking for a storage place you obviously will have to ask people around you about such places and facilities. Do not take advice from the people whom you do not know very well. Ask among your friends and relatives. First look in your locality for storage place if you do not find any then search for it in another locality. But always make sure they are trustworthy.

2. Sign a contract paper- no matter if you have find a place in your locality or you have to go to the next one always sign a contract paper with the authority to make it official. Do not make the deal only trusting upon the words of anyone. You make a contract paper or you make them to make a contract paper and both of you should sign there. And in that paper the duration of the time of your keeping the car there should be written properly so that afterwards there will be no confusion with the date. If they ask you to take the car before the time, you can use the contract paper as your proof. And of course the amount of money you will have to pay at the end of time should b mentioned in that paper. So that if they try to cheat you with the money you can also here use the same contract paper as your proof.

3. Access- if you are keeping the car forever in that particular storage place or at least for a very long time you the place have to be easily accessible so that you can take your car whenever you like. If you have to follow a lot of conditions every time you take the car it will be really time killing job.