Month: January 2016

Graduation Gifts You Can Give For Your College Bound Kids

Published / by Marcus Curtin

If your kid has recently graduated high school, and is ready and waiting to step into college life, then you may be looking for the best gift to give them, to show that you’re proud of them. The best option in this kind of situation is to look into these kinds of gifts which will not only show your love for them, but will also help them out while they’re at college.

Spending Money

All college students are forever strapped for cash, and are always juggling multiple jobs in between their classes. Help your kid out by either giving them a cash gift, or even a prepaid Visa card. Alternatively, you can also get them gift cards from places that you know they will definitely be visiting frequently, such as bookstores. This type of present will be the most useful for your kids and they will definitely appreciate it over the other types of gifts.

A Set of Wheels

If are okay with spending a bit lavishly on their graduation gift you could always buy a new set of wheels. While whichever type of vehicle you buy will be new to them, this does not mean that you need to buy a brand new one. A second hand vehicle will serve this purpose just as fine as, and it will be even better if you can find classic muscle cars for sale.

Most of the classic muscle cars for sale will be second hand, and will definitely be the more appreciated type of vehicle, especially if your kid is a boy. If there’s something happening to your cars you can visit a repair service for your vehicle.

Tech Gadgets

Most kids today study with the use of technology and will definitely find this gift useful over a gift of school supplies. You can get them a laptop or a new phone, which will help them out with all their classwork, as well as their assignments. You can even consider getting them a Kindle, and encourage them to read a bit more, with a bit of help from technology.

Kitchen Appliances

This is something that your kid will definitely buy once they go to college, since they will need to be cooking in their dorm once in a while. You can get them mini rice cookers, electric stove tops, or water heaters, all which are must haves for any student living on their own.

Dorm Furniture

Another essential buy for college students are dorm furniture. You can help them out by buying these for them, so that they can save up that money for daily expenses. Most students will need a set of drawers, a desk and chair, as well as a mattress and bed linen. Buy these basics for them as a graduation gift so that they have one less thing to worry about when moving into their dorm.

How to Choose A Good RV Campsite?

Published / by Marcus Curtin

You might be wondering how to decide on which RV campsite will be ideal for your family as well as for parking the vehicle and enjoying a weekend camping holiday. There might be several camp areas where RV parking facilities are available, but not all park areas offer the same level of features and amenities. In many areas there are considerable restrictions raised about the different activities that can be done in the park area.

Deciding on the location

In order to decide on the location where you can camp, you need to first plan the kind of vacation you wish to have. There are camp sites that are designed around lakes and rivers as well as by wilderness areas. The nearest town that is located to the campsite, the right time to travel to a certain area and the ease of reaching the places need to be considered when planning a camping trip with your RV. Many campervans for sale in Australia make it perfect for one to plan a trip during the summer months.

Kind of amenities offered

Not all camping areas offer the same level of amenities. For instance, there are dry camp areas where there are minimal provisions available. In these areas one will have to arrange for sewer, water and electric connections for their RV. There are other camping sites where these types of connections are not provided and one would have to rough it out. In many commercial camping areas, all kinds of modern amenities are provided like laundry, shower, restrooms and even cabins to be rented out if one finds living in their RV too cramped. The kind of motorhomes for sale opted for will help one to decide on the camping areas that will be ideal for traveling to.

Accessibility factors

At the time of choosing a camping area, one needs to check the accessibility of the place as well. For instance, a well featured camping site might be too far away from one’s home. Again, if the area gets too crowded, you might not like to spend your holiday among lots of people in a crowded camping space.

Rates and restrictions

It is necessary to know the rates that are offered at a public campsite. The charges vary as per the amenities offered. Many parks offer package deals which make sense for those who wish to camp for a day or two. For other areas, the rates might be nominal but a lot of arrangements might have to be made by one. Again, many camping areas have certain restrictions, especially with regard to the safety of pets and children. These need to be known from before and abided by.

10 Easy Steps for a Superior Wash and Cleaning of your Car

Published / by Marcus Curtin


When it is about car wash, it’s certainly not a difficult task but it is vital to do it correctly and frequently if you wish your car for maintaining their appearance and value. Below mentioned are some easy steps to clean your vehicle.

1. Use a proper detergent for car cleaning that is supplied by renowned automotive shop. Several people make this mistake of using the regular detergent used for household without realizing that it is not good for different rubber seals around the car. The Car cleaning detergent is particularly formulated that can protect the seals from any kind of harm. If required you can also avail the services of car wash in Melbourne.

2. Avoid scratching the car by rinsing sponge and cleaning mitt on frequent basis. Some of the automotive shops will also supply the plastic mold to get into bottom of the bucket. The main idea being is that grit would fall through mold into bottom of bucket so this can’t be picked up again and possibly damage the pain of your car.

3. Wash your car under the shaded spot. This would prevent the water from drying and leaving the streaks that will need to remove further. Call A Car Wash provides mobile car cleaning services at affordable rates. 

4. Hose your car down from the top to bottom prior to cleaning so you can remove as much of the surplus grim and grit as possible prior you start with cleaning. Use the hose that has trigger nozzle for conserving water.

5. Clean the car from top so gravity will make sure that you don’t have any kind of dirty water running on your newly cleaned car area.

6. While do not use the circular motions, rather use a gentle and straight wiping motion that is done from centre to outside edge for top to downwards for sides. Clean the trunk and hood in the similar manner as on top.

7. After washing the paint work you need to dry it off by using soft and dry cloth, in same direction.

8. Next you must clean the mirrors and windows with fresh water ensuring that you don’t get water on paint work. A good tip is using the half water and half white vinegar that will clean the mirrors and windows perfectly well.

9. After this you need to clean the tires, wheel arches and wheels. You can even blacken the tires when you wish a smart crunchy finish.

10. Finally you need to clean out interior with the interior cleaner and vacuum. As with exterior this must be a proper kind of automotive product and not only a household cleaner.

If you will follow the above mentioned step for cleaning or washing of your car every week, this will certainly help extend the life and image of your car.