Month: November 2015

Car Servicing And Maintenance Tips

Published / by Marcus Curtin

Paying attention to the yearly servicing of a car and its maintenance goes a long way as it saves money on fuel, extends the life of the car, gives it a better value during resale, and a good service record makes claims under warranty easier. A few basic tips to keep in mind for the servicing and maintenance of the car will go a long way.

• As a starting point read the service manual and keep up to date with the scheduled servicing and maintenance tasks such as oil changes, wheel alignments, replacement of parts under warranty such as windscreen replacement, selected body parts replacements etc in case the need arises.

• Finding a good garage is equally important to ensure that servicing is done as per standard and that the original parts of the car are repaired or replaced accordingly by the trustworthy garage. In case of damage to the car where parts need to be replaced such as engine replacement, windshield replacements, etc a good working quality and fair priced independent garage is important so that they do not swindle you or suggest unnecessary repairs and scale up costs.

• Also pay close attention to the messages that flash on the dashboard of the car giving warnings regarding the engine, coolant, oil level, braking system, pressure of the tyre and fuel too. Most of these warnings need to be addressed as early as possible to avoid further complication with the vehicle. Missing out on these warning and the general servicing can later escalate maintenance costs greatly.

• Also regularly check the tyres and the pressure as tyres that are in poor condition could lose traction in bad weather conditions, leading to collisions or might even burst if the pressure is not appropriate. Checking the alignment of the wheels is also just as vital as it helps prevent untoward incidents.

Surviving and getting things done without your own vehicle seem difficult since compared to public transport your own vehicle gives you the freedom and flexibility to get things done at your own time and convenience. This does not mean that public transport is the least favourable commuting option, rather public transport must be opted as often as possible to save precious resources and money and thus in a way contribute to saving the environment. But when you want to go for a short getaway or go out for dinner or run errands or pick up groceries and supplies or for other recreational purposes, it is often best to have your own vehicle even if you travel to work by public transport. A car is a great long-term investment provided you maintain the vehicle well and get it serviced regularly for the car to work smoothly and efficiently.